The Future of Cross-chain

Empowering decentralized finance through cross-chain interoperability and liquidity.

About CrossFi

Two of the largest problems in blockchain and decentralized finance in particular is interoperability of infrastructure and liquidity of assets. CrossFi’s multi-asset adaptor protocol enables cross-chain interoperability and provides liquidity to assets trapped on illiquid infrastructure.

CrossFi aims to democratize decentralized finance by allowing anyone to create a synthetic asset on the Ethereum blockchain that is a derivative of their assets on any other infrastructure when those assets are staked and collateralized through the CrossFi platform.

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The Filecoin Solution

FileCoin requires expensive specialized mining machines. FileCoin stakers are rewarded by the amount of storage they provide, but they are limited to how much storage they can provide by how many FileCoin they stake.

CrossFi will unlock the value of these staked FileCoins by allowing staked assets to participate in the decentralized finance ecosystem. As more projects move towards PoS, there will be more staked assets holders which want will want to use these assets in decentralized finance.

We Solve Real Problems

CrossFi Features

Cross-Chain Liquidity

CrossFi includes a built-in intermediate liquidity sharing cross-chain pool serving as the necessary liquidity supplement and risk hedging pool for additional services such as built-in swap and liquidity fundraising(IDO/IFO).

L1+L2 Trust Layer

CrossFi introduces a L1+L2 trust layer to help scale the transaction speed, lower the gas fee and further extendable to improve the user experience by giving users the availability to any liquidity pools, such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Flow, etc.

Data-master for Lending & Synths

CrossFi provides a comprehensive database consisting of historical and real-time liquidity data for cross-chain Lending and Synths, giving users convenient analytical market monitor tools to optimize trading/lending decisions

CrossFi Roadmap

The beta version of the lending platform is online.
Launching one-stop Lending platform.
Test docking modules on the mainstream public chain. Launch of the Crossfi Swap Opportunity(CSO) plan.
Launching multi-asset network switching protocol & the L2 integrations. synth-based markets DEX Development.
Expand the application ecosystem of CrossFi. DEX is online.

David Hong

United States

Responsible for Crossfi global operations, strategic planning, global business cooperation and communication.

David is a corporate lawyer and an expert on general corporate matters & Foreign Direct Investment in retail, blockchain and telecommunications in the Greater China Region.

Jay Palmer

United States

Jay has worked as lead engineer on several well known blockchain projects. As a former Google engineer, he has expertise in A.I. algorithms and cryptographic network development. He is currently working on several DeFi projects, finding solutions for liquidity issues of digital assets.

Andy Proffitt

United States

Responsible for Cross-fi global brand strategy development and implementation. Oversees US market operational planning cooperation and brand channel business cooperation.

Andy has proficient knowledge in strategic planning & execution, with a background in branding and marketing.

Henry Kim

South Korea

Responsible for Cross-fi Asian market operations, including China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and other regions, as well as ecological cooperation.

Amy Kim

South Korea

Responsible for China and South Korea business market, exchange cooperation, related project side cooperation.

Amy is completing her PHD in Enterprise Management at Zhejiang University. She has proficient knowledge in encrypted currencies and decentralized exchange market.

Cuz Chan

GCBD Director

Responsible for the strategic planning, management and operation of Cross-Fi ecology cooperation channels. Along with the channels’ performance evaluation and elimination optimization.

Cuz has experience in blockchain and has worked on a Product Manager- Wiki Co (Blockchain App) Marketing Manager- Will’s Fitness Consulting

Tyler Roessel

United States

Tyler Roessel is a International Client and PR Manager with over 10 years of expertise in Digital Media Strategy.



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